August 2015, Family Life

Creating A Christian Canvas

by Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis

PicutureA Christian Canvas is defined by the way people see you, not just in the spiritual world, but in your everyday world. Often times we say that we are Christians, but I sometimes stop and ask myself, is my canvas a Christian one?

A new mother with her newborn baby is very cautious of the baby’s surroundings. As the baby progresses and begins to crawl, the mother makes sure that the house is childproofed and everything is neat and in order. Because whatever a baby sees, we know it goes straight to their mouth, which then can get inside of their little system. The new mother is doing everything the correct way because she wants to create a safe canvas for her baby.

We as Christians are newborns in Christ. We need to be conscious of what we allow into our spirits. We need to ensure that our surroundings have been Christian-proofed (safe for Christians).

My husband and I recently went to the movies; surely a good comedic film was within the scope of my Christian canvas, or was it? We began watching the movie and after the use of vulgar language one too many times, we looked at each other and realized that it was time to go.  I am a firm believer that what you allow in, will stay in, to some capacity.

You will find yourself saying things that you don’t usually say or doing things that you don’t usually do.  Our Father did not groom us for this behavior. He wants greatness for us, just as a mother does for her newborn baby. But, we must follow His plan. We must detoxify our minds, bodies, and spirits, and fill them with the pure essence of Godly pleasures, not worldly endeavors.

So as Christians, we need to be aware of our surroundings and ensure that we are creating a Christian canvas for both ourselves, and the people that follow us.  Lord, protect my surroundings and remove anything that is not of you, Father I pray, Amen.