August 2015, Family Life

Living Your Creative Calling

by Julia Summers

unnamedWhat does creativity mean to you? Each individual could define the term in various ways. I believe we desire to create things because of our Creator. God created us in His image, and so we thirst to do the same. Becky Nash, a local Baton Rouge artist, shared with me what creativity means to her, and how God has used her for His glory through her creativity.

“Creativity is the ability to express yourself through the arts. It is the piece of God within us that comes out when we use it,” Nash said. “Through my art, I have shared God’s name. I taught art classes to kids, high schoolers, and adults. So many people have been blessed by my artwork, and I did not even realize its impact.”

God uses us through our creativity to glorify him. He has a purpose for each of us, and He has a plan. Nash shared her favorite verse with me, found in 2 Corinthians 4:7. It says, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”  This scripture tells us that the power within us and the creativity within us is not man-made, but from God.

Everyone is blessed with a creative gift from God. How we use that gift, however, is our creative calling. I am able to share God with others through my writing, and I hope that I can bless people. We all have different gifts, and different callings that allow us to share our gifts.

unnamed-1“My creative calling is blessing others with my artwork. I donate some of my work to missions and ministries,” said Nash. “God has given us gifts, and our creative calling is how we use our gifts and share God.” Sharing your God-given gift is so important in our society. We are called as Christians to glorify and spread the Word of God throughout our lives. If we are using our gift in order to share His name, we are glorifying God with our creative calling.

“Our gift is part of where we all fit into the body of Christ,” Nash said. “I have come to realize that my talent is not from me, but a gifting from God. We are creating something with beauty.” God calls us all to a unique and different path. We are to use our gifts, and to remember our Creator while we do so.

“Take every advantage you have to use your gift,” she said. “There is a resurgence of the arts taking place. People sometimes don’t realize that they have a gift.” It is my hope that people will begin to discover and use their gifts, and that they are able to glorify God through them.