August 2015, Healthy Life

Only at the Y

by Kristen Hogan

Picture1When dealing with life’s daily demands, people need a place to go where they can feel supported and receive help in trying times. A place where adults can find life balance; children can reach their full potential; seniors can be active and find camaraderie; and families can connect and strengthen relationships. By becoming involved with the YMCA individuals have the opportunity to improve their health and well being, and connect with the community, all while participating in their favorite program or activity at the Y.

At the Y there is a unique combination of programs and services that improve health, nurture youth, and connect you to the community. Programs include: art classes, water exercise, outreach programs, youth sports, swimming lessons, family fitness classes, Bible studies and more.

Along with its unique combination of programs for seniors, children, and adults, only at the Y will you receive the tools needed to improve health and well being at home. Following are five recommendations to improve your spirt, mind and body:

  1. Eat Together: Sitting down together for a meal is a great way for parents and children to share stories, or talk about the school day or their favorite part of the day. Set aside time for the family to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at least once a week or every day if scheduling permits.
  1. Volunteer Together: Giving back and supporting your neighbor benefits everyone involved. It teaches children and teens the value of helping others and is also a way to meet new people or discover a new interest. Find an opportunity in your community that the entire family may enjoy, such as cleaning your neighborhood park or distributing food at a local food bank.
  1. Unplug from Technology: Limit screen time (television, video games, computer, etc.) and instead set aside an hour or two for activities that allow interaction and camaraderie. If weather permits, go for a walk, bike ride, trip to the park, or have a game night at home. If you do want to watch television, maybe have a movie night with the family.
  1. Be Physically Active: It’s important for children to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day (30 minutes for adults). Incorporate physical activity into your daily routines and spend more time walking to places instead of driving to improve your health and well-being.
  1. Put Extras to Good Use: Do you have extra canned goods or clothes that could benefit others in need? Clean out your pantry, closet or attic and donate extra items to homeless shelters or community outreach programs. You can also get the entire family involved and demonstrate to the children the value of giving.