Reading For Life, September 2015

A Review of: It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got

review by Cheri Bowling

EverythingYouveGotProverbs 23:23 says, “Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding.”

It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got, by Baton Rouge entrepreneur Julio Melara, reads something like the book of Proverbs. But rather than focusing on wisdom, Melara’s central theme is what it takes to be a success. Having written four successful books on success, it’s a subject he owns. Using what he describes as TRUTH as the foundation, Melara builds his case that success is available to all by using his own personal experiences, as well as insights from some well-known role models such as Abraham Lincoln.

Also a successful motivational speaker, Melara’s main premise is that the TRUTH motivates people to change. Outlining simple goals, age-old strategies and skills that trump things like superior intelligence, formal education, and even luck, Melara describes how anyone can change their circumstances if they are willing to change themselves. But taking personal responsibility for your attitude, mastering your tongue, persevering through failure and maintaining personal integrity doesn’t come without cost, and therein lies the key. Whether in business, at home, in sports, or in the classroom, success is achievable, but it will take everything you’ve got!

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About the author: Julio Melara doesn’t just talk business, he lives it. He has an active interest in publishing, banking and real estate. As a devoted husband and father, he knows what it takes to reach your potential, balance your life and live on purpose. A man of passion, Julio is one of today’s leading motivational speakers and foremost authors on true success.