BRCLM Lagniappe, October 2015

Chef KD’s Prayer Closet

by Jehan Seals

ChefKDFamilyWhere nature and heaven collide, serenity and peace appear as witness to God’s great creation. This statement is truth to Dutchtown native Kevin Diez, affectionately known as Chef KD. Born to Sterling and Shirley Diez, young Kevin found pleasure in the outdoors. His family members were hunters and fisherman and he quickly got accustomed to the lifestyle. He recalls leaving home at daylight with salt, pepper, and box of matches to go hunting.

“I would cook what I would kill then return home before dark,” KD said. He explains how the real life experiences groomed him for upcoming awards and recognition. At 6-years-old he won his first fishing tournament and at 8, cooked his first jambalaya with Vienna sausage. This laid the foundation for the road ahead.

At 30, KD bought his family’s grocery store and met his future wife Collette DeGruy. Together they opened Diez Seafood, which they later turned it into Chef KD’s catering. With more than 17,000 catering jobs under their belt, they were successfully running their business and also raising a family. With six children and nine grandchildren, over the years they somehow managed to make it all work.

KD attributes their success to close friends, but mainly God’s will. He talks about his journey and how God has blessed him beyond his wildest dreams. He refers to the scripture in Luke 12:48 which states, “ To whom much is given much is required.” Specifically, he recalls an event where God required the people’s attention.

“I was asked to introduce Skip Bertman at the BR Chamber of Commerce breakfast, but was instructed not to pray, only have a moment of silence.” He vividly described the disorderly atmosphere in the auditorium and contemplated on how to gain order.

“I turned away from the crowd and silently prayed to God,” he said. “Father in the name of your Son I plead the blood of Christ over the confusion and noise and command your peace be here, in Jesus name, Amen.” KD recalls how immediately after the prayer, complete silence filled the room, so much so that you could hear a pin drop. KD describes this as a WOW moment!

When asked about that moment he simply said, “I prayed.” KD affirmed that your prayer closet can be any place you seek God. With as many stories as he has recipes, KD explains the key ingredients include food, family and faith, which combine to create a wonderful heart healthy lifestyle where all foods are prepared fresh with no MSG or flavor enhancers.

“While watching God’s sunrise and sunset, I enter into a secret place, my prayer closet with God.”