November 2015

A Review of: Southern Greats

Review by Cheri Bowling

southern_greats_lessons_of_love_and_life_learned_on_the_bluff_by_howard_white_candace_semien_0990815811Southern Greats by Howard L. White highlights the exceptional success of 46 individuals who attended Southern University and the significant part that historical black university played in shaping their lives. It is also a personalized study of those characteristics that define exceptionalism.

Inspired by a message from Southern Great Rev. Ladell Graham, White reflects on key themes in his book: “How many of us live life and don’t use our potential. Once we start to move from the position of potential toward purpose, I truly believe that it will ignite our true passion. When you are pursuing your goals, your objectives, and your purpose with passion you are unstoppable. If you don’t move away from the potential position, you will never bless the world with your true gift: your true purpose.”

The 46 individuals interviewed by White reveal what happens when one recognizes their potential, realizes their purpose and becomes passionate and unstoppable. Achieving success in a wide range of areas, from accounting to broadcasting, the space program to the military, these men and women from both poor and privileged backgrounds found the Southern University system to be their vehicle to achievements beyond their imagination. Their stories will be an inspiration to a whole new generation who have yet to begin the journey towards greatness.