January 2016

The Miracle of Prayer: Dress to Kill in the Armor of God

by Jehan Seals

IMG_9909Only once in a lifetime maybe do you want something so badly that nothing else compares. You would give your life to see a dream or promise come to fruition, yet the matter can only be won by God. These battles of opposition stand so tall that your best efforts fail to get the job done. In these moments we press God because we can’t figure out a way. ‘I can’t accomplish this alone,’ you say, ‘God where are you, I need a miracle!’

Often, this sense of urgency forms out of fear, “but it’s faith we need to move God, not fear,” says Renee Hymel. “The first miracle happens inside the heart of the mother. When she begins to believe God’s Word, it changes her.” Renee knows about the power of miracles through prayer personally, as well as through the testimony of others. As a steadfast praying mother of four, Renee joined forces with Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer to build and transform the heart of a mother.

Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer was founded by Kathy Coleman and has gained international recognition. Now with the spreading of the good news, churches are inviting the WMDOP ministry to build, equip and empower moms to stand in faith on behalf of their children. Renee and The Church in St. Amant diligently carry out the vision to encourage and equip moms to be steadfast in prayer for their children.

IMG_9925“I opened a praying magazine and there was an article about Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer, I got the contact information, called my pastor, and in January 2007 we hosted our first event.” Renee explains how after seeking more effective ways to pray for her then unsaved son Scott, she found relief through WMDOP and immediately got involved.

“Six weeks later my son, whom I had been praying for, was saved. By Easter he was baptized at Healing Place Church. Today he’s a pastor whom I serve under.” She explains the miracle is in believing God’s Word. “The scriptural promises in God’s Word are plentiful however, the miracle is in believing the word. Isaiah 59:21 confirms the covenant God made with our forefathers, it’s up to us to search the scriptures, believe and cease not to pray.”

“As a mom, prayers are continual. They don’t end with salvation. The title requires a lifelong commitment.” Renee adds how with the heartbreaking loss of her granddaughter Eliyah Kate meant learning to trust God even in times of heartache.

“Those first months my grief was not my own, for I ached in prayer for my children and though the grief was hard to walk through, I witnessed an incredible time of intimacy in the Lord as I watched him take my family through the valley of the shadow of death.”

Ephesians 6:17 provides us with an image of the armor of God and how as children of God we should be dressed: “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer is about developing the heart of a mother to stand in the most important role of her life outside of being conformed to the image of Christ, prayer warrior. “We come together throughout the year, but daily we encourage, build, and strengthen each other to stand firm.”

IMG_9955“The times in my life before Christ when I was in no shape to cry out for my own soul, I knew deep down that the cries of my mother would be heard,” Scott says. “The constant prayers of my mother have brought great profit, for now I live in Christ.”

“WMDOP are like drills that equip me in the battle against the enemy’s lies and deception with my child,” Pam Gautreau says. “As I stand with other praying moms, I am invigorated and encouraged in the realization that Jesus has already won the battle for me. I just have to continue to trust in God’s promises and never lose hope because he is always faithful.”

“WMDOP has equipped me to fight for my own prodigal son from the side of victory and God’s promises rather than guilt, fear and defeat,” Melissa Delage says. “It has given me hope and a body of other mom’s that can stand with and for me when my arms grow weary and I feel hopeless.”