BRCLM Lagniappe, June 2016


by LaTangela Fay Sherman

We have been told time and time again to “never quit,” but in actuality, sometimes quitting is the very thing we should be doing.

  • Quit making excuses for why we are not doing the things that need to be done in order to get it done.
  • Quit responding to negativity. Learn to know when to walk away from situations that are not conducive to painting the bigger picture.
  • Quit doing the work of the devil and then expecting God to bless your mess.
  • Quit serving two masters, running in circles of sheep and wolves, and not being decisive.
  • Quit comparing your situation to others … You don’t know the ins and outs of their story to glory.
  • Quit compromising your morals to gain worldly attention while chipping away at the kingdom’s representation.
  • Quit complaining about every obstacle that comes your way – it is another opportunity to get closer to Christ.
  • Quit stressing over temporary circumstances that God has told you he has already fixed.
  • Quit avoiding the word of God when it is condemning your actions. Run to the word and find your peace.
  • Quit belittling others to uplift yourself.
  • Quit nurturing relationships that are nipping away at your soul.
  • Quit being afraid to step out on faith.
  • Quit allowing others to dictate your worth.
  • Quit speaking negativity over your life. Spewing it into the atmosphere is only setting the shift in your direction.
  • Quit hiding from the better version of yourself and put in the work to bring it to light.
  • Quit thinking that no one is on your side, and understand that God has your back.
  • Quit waiting on a crisis before you kneel to pray – God is longing to hear from you today.