BRCLM Lagniappe, July 2016


by LaTangela Fay Sherman

FullSizeRender-256x200Just as we were born into the world, we were born into our purpose. God makes no mistakes. Before you filled your lungs with the first breath of air, God had already assigned a purpose on our life.

Your purpose becomes clearer as you begin to allow Christ to be the captain of your soul. Leading a purpose-driven life is aligned when our steps are ordered by God.

We enter into seasons not knowing what to expect upon our arrival, but once the veil is lifted from our eyes, we begin to understand more by and by. Family, friends, relationships, colleagues and strangers … anyone that you interact with, they all serve a purpose in your life just as you serve a purpose in theirs.

The mark you leave along this trail of life as you travel through is a part of your purpose. Pray and ask for clarity as you long to fill your purpose to the best of your ability.

  • May your tongue stem with the PURPOSE to uplift your brethren. 

  • May your actions display the PURPOSE of love for your neighbor. 

  • May your daily walk with Christ lead you to living to the highest potential of your PURPOSE.