Healthy Life, March 2017

Healthy Living: Outside and Inside

Healthy Living: Outside and Inside

Iron on Iron Mobile Fitness Works for Total Well-Being

Story and Photos by Patrick Allen

Iron on Iron, Kingdom Kounsel & Hammond First Responders coming together for back to school rally.

“IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT TODAY, PERFECT TO ‘GET YOUR SET!” says Coach Patrick Allen of Iron on Iron Mobile Fitness. His philosophy: it doesn’t matter if it’s clear and sunny or gloomy and rainy, every day is a good day to pursue your health. This philosophy inspires Coach Allen to teach and motivate others, especially kids, to get active. The same philosophy resonates with many, he says, from internet health gurus to former First Lady Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move” directives. “We can all agree that we need to get moving,” he says. “Our nation needs the impetus to get active and pursue good health.”

Coach Allen, an ACE Certified Group Instructor and Owner of Iron on Iron Mobile Fitness, often focuses on finding innovative ways to get kids active. While he is not against technology, he says the rise in the number of technological gadgets available to everyone – children in particular – takes away from the desire to get up and get active. He suggests that parents limit the time children spend on things like mobile devices, game consoles and tablets, and exchange that time for clean fresh air, getting up and getting active.

Coach Allen stresses the importance of nd- ing God purpose for their lives with Ham- mond boot campers.

“Children’s health is a big focus for me,” says Allen. He often advises, “Get the kids to the park, bring your running shoes and leave your phones at home. Let’s rediscover the joys of running, kick ball, basketball and so on. Come get this fresh air!” Coach Allen also focuses on inspiring his clients to think about what’s going on inside – the health of the inner body and things we cannot see. “Just because your outer self may look good, doesn’t always indicate good health inside,” says Coach Allen. “You must learn to eat right, know what you’re putting inside your body – eating as well as drinking. Read labels, ask questions, limit and reduce fried foods, but give yourself treat days. We must purpose to live longer and stronger!”

While Iron on Iron Mobile Fitness works to increase the importance of health and activity in children, it is not limited to kids. His services include boot camp classes for all ages and stages of health. Coach Allen brings the workout to his clients. He lovingly yet firmly says “if it’s raining, we’re still training!” or instructs them to “keep it moving” when they happen to think they can’t perform. He works to inspire a push for greatness, a great and positive energy that he believes is inside everyone.

Coach Allen believes in replacing negative energy with positive energy. In Deepak Chopra’s book, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You (Harmony Books, 2009), readers are taught the difference between healthy and unhealthy energy.

Healthy energy is flowing, flexible, dynamic, balanced, soft, associated with positive feelings. Unhealthy energy is stuck, frozen, rigid, brittle, hard, out of balance, associated with negative emotions.

Coach Allen says finishing boot camp classes and personal training sessions really makes his clients feel they have accomplished something great! Praise and worship music is the backbone of most workouts. Coach Allen credits his personal relationship with God as the source of his burning desire to lead people to good energy and great health. “You’ve got to get it!” he says.

Coach Allen always stresses the importance of good health by getting active and healthy eating. “If you put good things in, you’ll get good things out,” he says. “So, get your kids moving! When you do, they’ll inspire you to keep moving. The family that becomes active together, gets healthy together! It’s Your Set – time to Go Get It!”




Taking time to pray before boot camp activities.