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A Review of Just Choose


A Review of
Just Choose

Written by Michael Phillips

Reviewed by Kelli M. Knight

To live the life God wants one to live is a goal many seek. However, at times, it is difficult to know if we are in fact, living the life prescribed by God. There are distractions, there are questions, there is the busyness of life, and there is impatience when results aren’t obvious and the fruits of our labor take days, months, or years to see.

Michael Phillips has written a guide, using his own life as an example, showing how to find what God is asking and how to choose to live that life. The book is a quick and simple read; just about anyone can get through it within a couple of hours. It’s easy to relate to as the trials and sufferings he writes about are similar to ones many people undergo. He uses his experiences to teach methods that disarm the enemy, the devil, who wants the church to lose sight of God.

The book is written as a weapon to disable the enemy and bring people into being one in Christ.

Just Choose is great for anyone, whether a person’s life isn’t going “as planned” or if a person has life “on track” but feels something is missing. Michael’s writings can help to filter out the distractions making it easier to choose the path God has planned.

Phillips is the founder and President of the All In Movement, a Christian ministry dedicated to refreshing and reigniting the heart of the church.

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