Faith Life, May 2017

The WEIGHT of the Wait

The Weight of the Wait

by Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis

I’ve cried, tried and prayed, but my marriage is troubled. I’ve cried, tried and prayed for my addiction. I’ve cried, tried and prayed for my mother to be healed. But nothing has moved in my favor. Lord, tell me what can I do? Why aren’t you listening me? Do you even hear me? I need answers as I am ready to give up on all of it.

“Why my child? Have I ever given up on you even when you were at your lowest point? When you were avoiding me or even speaking to me? Remember when you were out drinking with your friends and became totally wasted and drove home? I drove you there. Don’t you know that I took the wheel? Remember when you were walking down the dark alleyway and you felt like you were being followed? You were — by me and a murderer. But he all of a sudden stumbled, so you could run. I was there and I pushed him. Remember when you were in rehab and your body was shutting down from the overdose and you wanted to let go? I was right there by your bedside telling you that it wasn’t time yet. You have great work to do. So now that you’re sober, you want everything at your fingertips. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t work like that. I suffered long and so will you in a different way. Patience is your struggle, so exercise it.”

The weight of the wait is phenomenal when you are trying to do it on your own. The weight of the wait causes stress, depression, and other types of emotional concerns. But the weight of the wait can disappear if you give the weight to the Lord and just patiently wait like He told you. We’ve all waited on the Lord. And because of this, we know that this is a test of endurance and patience. That’s the hard part! As believers, we often think that when something good happens, it’s God and when something bad happens, it’s the Devil. That is not always the case. During life’s struggle, God is testing for endurance and tranquility. Only the strong survive. Folks often think that the race is won by the swift, but the race is really won by the slow, steady, and patient. “Dare to dream big and trust God” is easily said, but less often courageously endured. I can hear your spirit saying that it is easy for a successful person to say that, but the road to the top has numerous speed bumps, especially for believers.

The process of making a gold ring is to melt it down, build it up to shape, form the design, then shine for purchase. So what do you think the process is for the making of a wholesome believer? Longsuffering is the thought-provoking process that shows patience in spite of troubles, especially those caused by other people. When there is trouble within your marriage, your finances or your children, you must exercise patience and the ability to forgive and overcome. I know that is easier said than done.

The same process is used when God has dwindled us down to nothing … where we feel empty. Then He builds us up to shape us into the design that He created for our lives. It is okay to have dreams and to conquer them only if it is in the will of God for your life. Don’t become discouraged when your dreams aren’t manifested. This just means that you are outside the will of God. (Ephesians 5:17) Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Just ask God: If this is your will for my life, allow me to conquer —. The truth is if He said it, then He meant it. You just don’t get to decide the timeframe in which He moves. He is just that kind of God!


Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis, affectionately known as “The Refresher,” is an american author, empowerment speaker and a life catalyst. She launched The Refresher Course to educate and empower others to dramatically shift the quality and direction of their lives by using spiritual principles as well as the Life Catalyst curriculum.

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