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Remodeling Business driven by Desire to Help Elderly


Remodeling Business

driven by desire

to help elderly

Danny and Brenda Leblanc bring a lot of experience and wisdom to their work. Aside from their large family and their Christian faith, they own eZ Baths, a company that specializes in customized bathroom remodeling, including walk-in tubs for those with mobility challenges.

Danny is a pastor at heart and worked as a hospice chaplain for many years. In his work, he cared for many elderly patients and was keenly aware of their needs, both physical and spiritual. He also counseled family members as part of his job.

In 2012, he was ready for a change, and he and Brenda decided to start their own company. “The walk-in tubs and bathroom renovation was an idea that evolved from my work with the elderly,” Danny said. “Losing mobility is a life-changing issue for the patient and the family. They worry about falling down and getting hurt. They fear that they’ll have to go to a nursing home or assisted living. It’s an emotional issue for everyone.”

The Leblancs decided on a bathroom remodeling company, but there was no name yet. “And one day, I was riding down the road, and the Holy Spirit just dropped the name into my head,” Danny said. “EZ Baths. I went home, did some research, and found that the name was available, so I bought the rights and we started making plans for the new company.”

Brenda is the chief financial officer, handling accounting, finance and payroll for the company’s 11 employees. As Christian business owners, the Leblancs pride themselves on integrity, honesty and fair pricing for their products and services. They never pressure customers to make a purchase and they listen to their customers to determine their needs and present affordable options.


Walk-in tubs are appropriate for seniors, the disabled, and the handicapped. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls occur in the bathroom more than any other room in the home, and about 2/3 of all bathroom injuries happen near the tub or shower – usually when stepping over the tub wall or slipping on a wet floor. These type of accidents increase after the age of 65 when eyesight starts to fade and many people have less mobility and balance.

“At the end of the day, I like to keep everything in the right perspective,” said Brenda. “The most important thing in business is the relationships that you have with people. Loving people and focusing on the love and grace God has shown me, helps me give that back to others … employees and customers.”

Many homeowners have less than perfect experiences with remodelers, but the Leblancs pride themselves on their commitment to quality and excellence.

Their tubs are Americanmade, high-quality, and come with a lifetime warranty. EZ Baths will send a representative to the customer’s home, present several options, go over pricing, and then let the customer make up his/her mind about which services and products are best for their family.

Some renovations can be done in just one day with minimal disruption, and all work is completed by expert installers. EZ Baths also offers bath wall surrounds, bath accessories, replacement tubs, spas and whirlpool tubs. The company is licensed and insured. Reliable service and honest business dealings are second-nature when your business is guided by Christian principles. But like anything else, faith takes work.

Reliable service and honest business dealings are second-nature when your business is guided by Christian principles. But like anything else, faith takes work.

“To keep my faith strong, I stay connected to the Word and to my church family,” said Brenda. “Danny and I teach a home group together and I teach a ladies’ group. That connection to the local church always encourages and strengthens me.”

Danny agrees, and he has advice for those who struggle in their faith. “I think it comes down to a simple principle – go back,” Danny said. “The story of the prodigal son is not a story for unbelievers, but believers. When a believer finds himself struggling, our Heavenly Father waits for them to come back to Him. When we pray, His presence gives us peace in the struggle.”

EZ Baths is located at 12504 S. Choctaw Drive in Baton Rouge. For details on their services, call (225) 400-5444.

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