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A Review of Captian Deadeye The Bully Shark



A Review of

Captain Deadeye

The Bully Shark

Written by Dianne De Las Casas and John Couret

Illustrated by Stefan Jolet

Reviewed by Kelli M. Knight

Local Louisiana writers, Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret, present an imaginative book that expresses a wonderful message for kids through middle school. In Captain Deadeye , the main character, John, is entering fourth grade and excited to start a new school. Instead of the first day being exciting, it is terrible because the school bully decides to pick on him because John has a lazy eye.

Many think of self-control as an internal struggle but, what happens when there are elements, such as a bully, that can’t be controlled? One’s reaction to a bully is the only thing that can be controlled. Captain Deadeye shows a situation is always better when we respond in a more positive way. With the help of family members, John takes on a new persona – “Captain Deadeye.” He finds, just like sailors, he must learn to navigate “rough seas,” which in his case is a bully. He can’t control the bully, but he can control how he responds and that he can create a positive experience.

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