Faces of CHRISTIAN LIFE, Septermber 2017

Christian Perspectives From Across the World

CHristiAN PersPeCtives FroM ACross tHe WorLD

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Samantha Boutte

Medically, I wasn’t supposed to be born. My parents lost three kids before me. God fulfilled a promise to my parents when he let them keep me. My life began as a miracle and has been that ever since. I grew up “normal” until I started gaining excessive weight due to a thyroid problem. My first surgery was at the age of 12, then 16, 28, and 32. I also had a seizure disorder that paralyzed my life for five years. As I look back over my life, I see how God has walked with me through every second of my life. I have seen his grace. My faith has kept me going through all of this … I am glad I was the one chosen for this hard road, because this has helped me be like Jesus and represent God’s grace.

Trevor Morris

When I was 16, I tried to take my own life. My dad had chronic pain from a car accident and always had heavy pain medication prescribed to him. I tried to use his medication to end my life. ironically, I ended up living and he ended up dying a few weeks later. I did not want to be alive even after my life had been spared and went through several miserable years. one day I was searching for drugs and went up to a man I thought for sure could either sell them to me or give me a connection. His face was covered in tattoos, his clothes were rough, his hair was a mess. He told me he no longer involved himself in that kind of life and invited me to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Within three meetings, I had a desire chip and this man became my sponsor. He told me that Jesus was the only higher power. He began to disciple me and pray with me … he took me to church. today I am clean and sober and depend on Jesus every day. I know it is Jesus who kept me alive because he has a purpose for me.

Kaitlyn Vied

Eight years ago, I remember sitting on my parents’ floor frantically looking for my dad’s pistol that he kept under his bed. My parents left for a day trip and I was determined to put an end to my life. For a second I had to pause and wonder how I had gotten there. Was it the rejection I dealt with from being adopted? Was it the boy who took advantage of me when I was 6? Was it the individual who verbally and physically abused me? All I knew was that 14 years of life had been enough and I didn’t see any option or promise of hope. If God was real or good, he wasn’t concerned with me. but my story didn’t end there. God was watching out for me and through a series of events, my parents ended up sending me to a program called teen Challenge — it was there that I came to terms with God, it was there that i realized he was fighting for me. this journey has been hard, but God has been faithful. He has given me a joyful and adventurous life that was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I am so grateful.

Kevin Cummings

I believe the most important thing we can do for a person is pray for them. Words can move people, kind acts can touch people, example can inspire people. Prayer can change people. Prayer can heal people. Prayer can touch people. And prayer can bless people. I believe the prayers of others have saved me, and I believe my prayers are eternal investments in the lives of others. 

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