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Every Man Needs a Band of Brothers

Every Man Needs a Band of Brothers

by Ken Paxton

Proverbs 27:17 says it clearly: “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

Men’s Ministry is pretty straightforward. With a strong men’s group in a church, i believe the church will be a stronger place where a man can bring his family to receive the Word of Christ.

Go back to the time of Moses when Moses needed two strong men by his side, Aaron and Hur. They picked Moses up when he was weak. Moses had a great family but he had two guys who believed in him, who would battle for him, and did not want to see him lost. And David – he had 30 mighty men he could call on at any time. He also had a friend in Jonathan, someone who stood closer to him than any other brother. Jonathan believed in David and wanted him to succeed.

I have a great family. My wife Brandi supports me and she walks hand in hand with me. I also have three close friends and one best friend who will battle anything that comes against me in my life. My best friend, Scott Pace, has been my support for almost 23 years. We have prayed together, stood together in battle, laughed and cried together, then stood by each other’s side when we both got married. Jeff Gaudet is a friend who put me in a headlock when I got off my spiritual journey and gave me a turnaround. He has been there to help me in my struggles of living the worldly life and the Godly life. Another friend is Jeff Lee, who saw

my ministry and was one of the first to give something towards it. He believed that God was going to do great things with my ministry and he even calls himself “my roadie.” Bax Kegans is another friend who always encourages me to be all I can be. He has introduced me to others in Men’s Ministry, which has opened so many doors to reaching others. He helps hold me up when the enemy is raging and always calls to check on me and pray with me.

We can’t be who God has called us to be without accountability. To live this life, we need friends and Men’s Ministry lets you connect with other men who can walk with you through the good times and the bad. As a man, I want to be

Paxton spends time with his friends Jeff Lee and scott Pace.

the best husband I can be to my wife, the best dad to Kyland and the best stepdad to Nick and Logan. I also want to be the best I can be as a servant to others in my church. Without having Godly mentors and friends that you can trust in life, it’s hard to do this alone.

The devil always tries to get the lonely lamb away from the pack of other lambs. The enemy doesn’t want to see you in fellowship with other men and warriors. He will have to fight three instead of one. With the power of God in three men, the enemy doesn’t

stand a chance. He can’t get to the weak servant. The Bible also says in Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A triple braided cord is uneasily broken.”

Men, we can’t fight this life alone. We need our wives and our kids, but we also need other guys to help us in battle. If you do not have a strong group of Christian brothers at your

Men at the isi Conference.
Ken with his family.

church, find one. Plug into a Men’s Ministry — start one at your church or find out how you can serve and connect with others to have that fellowship. It will bring you to a new level in Christ to pray for and believe with another brother. It strengthens the both of you.

I am part of Real Men at the Church in St. Amant. I am also a part of Gulf South Men, a member of NCMM (National Coalition of Men’s Ministry), Iron Sharpens Iron, and Christians Under Construction. As a man, husband and dad, I need others in battle with me – and so do you. I’m encouraging you and inviting you to be a part of a Men’s Ministry at your church or find one in your area. If you need assistance getting connected, contact me at

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