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10 Tips to Being Your Best



to Being Your Best

The Lord handcrafts every one of us, and we are all made uniquely beautiful in His image. But developing a personal style that cleanly reflects your individuality isn’t always easy. so here are 10 practical tips from the stylists at i-Catchers Hair & Body spa designed to help you translate your inner charisma and confidence into a fresh look.

1. Dress with confidence

“Love yourself for who you are — starting today,” said Angelle Graham. “To feel your best, i recommend getting dressed and doing your hair no matter what you have planned. Always dress like you’re going somewhere special, even when you aren’t.” Graham has been a stylist for 19 years, and mascara is her go-to beauty accessory. “sometimes, there isn’t enough time to do full makeup,” she said. “But a couple of swipes of mascara can have a huge impact on your overall look.”

2. Use quality hair care products

“Washing your hair can make a big difference in how you look and feel,” said sara Richmond. “After a while, especially in Louisiana, the heat can make your head feel sticky. Find a shampoo and conditioner that works best for you. Products don’t have to be expensive to get the job done.” Richmond has worked as a hairdresser for 12 years, and one of her favorite styling products is heat protectant spray. “it protects your hair when you’re using a hot tool, and keeps it looking and feeling healthy.”

3. Stay on top of split ends

“Get your hair trimmed regularly in order to keep it as healthy as possible. if your ends are in good shape, your whole style will look much fresher,” said Cara spicer, who has been a hair stylist for six years. she recommends using a texturizing spray whenever you’re looking for more volume. “Texturizing spray makes your hair feel less soft and gives it some grit,” she said. “The spray helps a style hold its shape.”

4. Make brave style choices

“Be artistic with your style,” said Brittany Cason. “There’s only one you, so don’t hesitate to express yourself. For example, don’t be afraid to get that pixie cut you’ve always wanted.” Cason has been a hairdresser for four years, and she encourages her clients to use restorative oil as often as possible. “if you like to have fun with your hair, then it probably gets a little brittle,” she said. “Restorative oil helps repair and heal any damage from hot tools or color processing.”

5. Get to know your brows

“Pay attention to every detail of your look,” said Theresa vallery. “For example, your brows should always be properly groomed, whether you pluck them or have them waxed. Work with what you’ve got, and create the best brow shape for your face. And always remember that both of your eyebrows don’t have to look exactly the same. They’re sisters, not twins.” vallery has been an esthetician for 29 years, and to help maintain dewy skin, she suggests using a daily moisturizer. “To keep your skin looking good, everyone should use a moisturizer regardless of age and whether your skin is oily or dry.”

6. Liven up your lips

“Pay attention to your lips,” said victoria Files. “Choose lipstick colors that go with whatever you’re wearing. A bold lip can make an entire look come together — even if you’re just using gloss.” Files has been a hairdresser for two years, and she believes hairspray is the most important product you can have in your beauty arsenal. “Everyone should use it,” she said. “it’s a universal product for every hair type. it produces volume, smoothes frizz, and gives great hold.”

7. Avoid boxed hair dye

“It’s always a good idea to have your hair professionally colored. When people dye their hair at home, the color often comes out too dark or uneven. For the best color results, visit a licensed hairdresser,” said Brian McAndrew. A hair stylist for 30 years, McAndrew’s favorite hair care product, like Files, is hairspray. “Humidity is rough in Louisiana,” he said. “it helps hold down fly-aways and keeps a style in place.”

8. Make time for a manicure

“Nail polish helps a look come together,” said Hanna Faust. “if your nails are done, you’ll always look chic. Faust has been a hairdresser for three years, and she believes using a smoothing serum can make an incredible difference in the overall quality of your hairstyle. “it helps keep your hair smooth and sleek,” she said.

9. Simplify your morning routine

“When you’re getting ready, work smarter not harder,” said Missy Moya. “Make an effort without going overboard. it should only take about an hour to get ready in the morning. Anything longer than that is probably too much.” Moya has been a stylist for 11 years, and she recommends incorporating a cream-based makeup remover into your nightly cleansing routine. “if you have oily skin, a cream-based makeup remover won’t leave your face feeling greasy,” she said. “Plus, it wipes off really easily.”

10. Highlight your natural beauty

“Your goal should always be to look fresh. it’s never good when you go overboard with your makeup,” said Tammy Heard. “The more natural you look, the better. Just accentuate what you have.” Heard has been a hairdresser for 26 years, and for a natural look, she recommends using a tinted moisturizer. “it evens out your complexion,” she said. “A tinted moisturizer doesn’t cover anything up. it just enhances what you already have.”

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