Faces of CHRISTIAN LIFE, October 2017


CHristiAN PersPeCtives FroM ACross tHe WorLD

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We all have different foundations God lays down in our souls. To some, it may be freedom. To others, it may be wholeness. To me, it is peace. When i accepted Jesus, he laid a foundation of peace in my heart. Peace i had spent my whole life searching for and that comes only from him. i had a chaotic childhood, leaving me living life in “survival mode.” it’s really no way of living at all. Now that God has replaced it with a mode of peace, i am able to trust people, take chances, and do more things. if i fail, that is okay. Because peace is my fountain. My message to the world is that when you accept Christ, he’ll uproot negative things you’ve learned to live with and give you gifts from heaven in their place.


I had the privilege of going to Houston with a group of friends to help out with the flooding. it was life changing. Basically everyone living there had lost everything. I believe I saw God’s heart through all of the people there. Though there was more loss than most of us can begin to comprehend, the people were standing beside each other. Different races, genders, ages, and walks of life coming together to help each other. They seemed focused on all the blessings they had rather than the “curses.”  I went to help the people who had been suffering loss, but they helped me. They changed my perspective and attitude on everything that is important. Friends, pray for Texas.


For the past month or so, our church has been honing in on loving people. it sounds like such a cliché topic, but when studying it in depth and pursuing it with all of your heart, it starts to change you. My personality is very gentle and quiet … i am always being told how nice and caring and sweet i am. The last couple of weeks i have been challenging myself in that area. i have set my heart on love. Loving harder and deeper and stronger and more like Christ. i can already see the positive impact this is making in my life. My relationships are strengthening and deepening. Following the commandments of Jesus makes life truly rich!


Psalm 23, in my opinion, is the most powerful chapter in the entire Bible. i was a strong, active, established atheist. The first time i heard Psalm 23 was at the funeral of my 6-month-old brother. i was 20. When i heard the pastor read “He will lead you beside still waters, he will restore your soul,” God took over my heart and life with his presence. That scripture helped me instantly connect to God for the first time, and i have had unwavering and growing faith ever since. He is alive in prayer, scripture, and every situation

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