Giving thanks for the Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

Giving thanks

for the Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

“Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38) What am i thankful for? As we explore stories of God at work, we are encountering people who pray without ceasing and step into impossible situations in profound faith. not just a few, but many people. They inspire me. They energize me. They remind me that, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Matthew 19:26) As we tell His story through their stories, we are overwhelmed with the reality of God at work in our own city. As God-followers in ancient times took the long hike to the temple for worship, they recited psalms of praise, detailing His work in the past with an eye toward their future. They reminded themselves – and each other – that God is good, constant, caring and capable. Let’s keep telling each other our Godstories. Let’s keep reminding each other that prayer matters, that God loves us and intervenes here and now. it is my prayer that we will all have the courage to follow, faith that does not falter when the going gets tough, and lives overflowing with thanksgiving. “Taste and see that the LorD is good…” (Psalm 34:8a)
– Susan Brown
I am grateful for Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine because it features people in our community who share how God has worked in their lives either during a joyful time or a time of pain. Everybody has seasons in life, and to read others’ real life stories gives me hope and reinforces my belief that God hears my prayers when I am faced with questions or things I do not understand. I also see how the magazine has brought people together. Whether one is rich, poor, downtrodden, joyful, confused or fairly certain, we all share in the Hope of Christ. People need people and I have seen just how much we need each other by the stories I have read. I always think of the parable of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with only five loaves of bread and two fish (Mark 6: 30 – 43). This magazine feeds people who may already believe in Jesus or who may have questions. Could it be that questions tell us more than answers ever do? (Michael Card, Christian songwriter, from his CD “in the Wilderness”). Also, I love the people I have met by being a featured columnist for the magazine. As an artist, I enjoy interviewing other artists, so please take time to read the Artist Spotlight each month. It is all about positive news and real people … for that I am grateful.
– Sharon Furrate Bailey
Believers in Christ need wholesome reading material and Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine provides this. Newspapers and other publications too often provide the news, but not good or positive news. So many have turned from even reading them because seldom is there anything positive. We all get tired of getting negative reports and articles. I am thankful that all the material in the magazine is uplifting. Another quality of Christian Life Magazine is the warm feeling experienced with just about every part of it. From cover to cover, the features bless the readers. There are stories on family life and how people have overcome issues and problems to become great role models. While the magazine features many authors, the common thread it presents is always centered in Christ. What a wonderful message this magazine provides. There are pieces in it for women, men and even children. Local heroes are featured, as well as arts coverage and fun stuff to do in our city. Even our advertisers tell their stories as they offer up services in insurance, auto repair, home furnishings, eateries, personal care and the like. Finally, this free monthly publication is available all over the city and several surrounding areas – in churches, professional offices, grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, schools and recreational facilities.
- Therese H. Winters
To stand or kneel, to be herded into one opinion or another, the deliberate tactics to aim Joe Public’s reaction in a particular trajectory. it’s demoralizing and daunting to watch or read the news circulating today. it seems to indicate chaos and that our nation is disjoined; it seems to indicate that people in general can’t get on the same page and unify – how disheartening. However, I am thankful because in Baton Bouge, I feel that we have been given a gift – Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine. In our publication, readers find countless stories, lessons, advice, and true sentiments of people who put aside disagreements and love one another. The magazine provides an avenue to take readers on a journey each month to witness our community living as protagonists of humankind, unified in the body of Christ. As much as recent disasters have proven that we actually do look out for our neighbors, our magazine shows that even without tragedy, we continuously come together as brothers and sisters and foster the desires of Christ. I am thankful for the gift of Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine for this reason. I am especially grateful to have been asked to be the graphic designer. I love that I can be an integral part in bringing to life the words and images that make the magazine what it is. The team that works to put our publication together each month is truly inspiring … each person in his/her own individual ways come together to create an amazing publication. I am blessed to be a part of this team.
- Kelli Knight
Baton Bouge Christian Life Magazine provides exactly what this community needs – positive, Christian-based stories of The Hand of God in the lives of people in our community. Too often we are overwhelmed with media coverage of violent crime, budget deficits, political fighting, racial disharmony, etc. it is so refreshing to see positive stories of how someone’s faith has helped them overcome adversity in their past and how they use this experience to minister to others. The magazine is based on the principle of one body, one church. everybody can enjoy it because it has something for everyone regardless of denomination, age, race, etc. it is good to focus on the things that unite us rather than what divides us, and the magazine is a leading force in the community to do this. it also provides companies with an opportunity to be a part of the magazine’s ministry by running ads to help underwrite costs. Their sponsorship is a blessing for the magazine, its readers and the sponsor. I have been blessed to see the fruits of these sponsorships develop and build up the body of Christ in baton rouge. I am thankful to be a part of the magazine because I know that for many unchurched people, it has served as a springboard to follow Jesus and begin their Christian journey.
– Todd Shupe
There are several reasons I am so very grateful for Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine. First, it is the only publication of its kind that presents the Gospel of Christ through its many stories and features. it is a blessing to read about how the scriptures are being lived out in the daily experiences of many in the baton rouge area. it goes beyond the Sunday worship services, where one expects to see Christianity in action. Another special quality of the magazine is how it appeals to all believers, regardless of church and denominational affiliations. each item is “Christ-centered,” without being doctrinally focused. The Bible is clearly seen without any narrow stance or interpretation. This is evident from the variety of writers, who come from a wide range of ministries and service organizations. I am intrigued by those who financially support the magazine with advertisements. They come from a vast spectrum of business entities. everything from auto services, personal and family care, recreational companies, restaurants, and many others make the magazine available at no cost to its readers. And with over 200 distribution sites, the message is clear that this is truly an asset to the community. I am very privileged to be a part of such an amazing work of God.
– Elmo Winters
JULY 2015
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