November 2017, Publisher's Letter

November Publisher’s LETTER

November Publisher’s LETTER

“It’s easy when it’s easy. The test comes when it’s hard.”

That was a common phrase when my children were young. I’d often remind them of that when dropping them off at school. Doing the right thing is easy when it’s easy, but for those moments in the battle, real strength comes in the heat of decision and in the face of temptation.

Such is the case with gratitude. When things are going well, we are happy campers. Yet when we
face difficulty, it can seem so unrealistic to “give thanks” in all circumstances. Yet God’s Word is specific. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God
in Christ Jesus for you.”

Really? Seems there should be some exceptions. Aren’t we allowed some modification in
certain circumstances? Yet again the Bible is clear. Philippians 2:14 says, “Do all things without
grumbling or disputing.”

These two commands can convict my heart like no other! How would my life be different if
I just did what the Word said? If I “gave thanks” more and “quit complaining,” then I would be
stepping in the middle of God’s plan for my life. It’s an easy way to fall short of God’s plan or
align myself with His plan by being obedient, especially when it’s hard.

What good is the Bible if we don’t read it and do what it says? It’s for our own protection that God
sent His Word. It’s not so we live in chains bound to rules and regulations. It’s so we can do what
He says and live His perfect plan for our lives. It shapes our attitudes and conforms our heart and
words to align with His will for us as His precious and beloved children.

For what are you thankful? I’m thankful for Good News in a world filled with scary headlines!
Did you know Baton Rouge is a great city? Are you aware of the many good things going on
around our city? Did you know God is moving mightily throughout our state? Have you heard of
the many people stepping out into ministry? Can you envision all of Heaven rejoicing when one
soul receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Can you sense a change of heart when one story
encourages another believer?

Perhaps you’ve read some of our amazing stories. If so, make it a point to thank our advertisers
or anyone on our team! Our magazines are free to the public through generous people who buy
advertising because they believe in sharing “Good News” in our city. 

Gratitude is not only a mindset; it comes with a promise. Peace! Our world is lacking in peace
because our world is lacking in thankfulness. We are called to an attitude of thanksgiving
because we have been promised that God is working out His plan in our lives. He is Good. 

Join our team! Be a part of what we are doing. Pray for us. Advertise with us. Help us grow in
our work as we look forward to 2018. Join our efforts in bringing together the Body of Christ so
we can be One Body.

Changing the world – one story at a time,


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