Faces of CHRISTIAN LIFE, November 2017

November’s Faces of CHRISTIAN LIFE



Short stories from around the world. Share your brief story and picture with reagan@brclm.com.




I don’t have much of a story. I am 40(ish) and just gave my heart to Jesus last week. This Sunday I am getting baptized and am excited to tell the world! I believe my son and husband are next. I’m thankful he found me after all these years!


Fellowship is one of my favorite parts of the Christian community. Throughout my life and all of the ups and downs i have faced, my church family has always been there. There are many times of my life where without the encouragement and strength of other believers, I wouldn’t have made it. As Christians, it’s so important we help deepen one another’s roots and support each other through life’s crazy journey. It is only together that we can defeat the enemy.


I have always known I would do ministry at some point in my life, but I always pictured it being later on. Thankfully, God’s plans are not our plans. I was presented an opportunity to help women out of sex slavery by a friend in bible study. I prayed about it and determined it was what God wanted for me. Most people thought I was crazy, but i quit nursing school (I had a full scholarship) and began to spend my time helping broken women and pointing them to Jesus. I know helping women out of trafficking is my calling now, and I will spend the rest of my life following him as he allows me to touch the hearts of hurting people by his grace. God’s will is so fulfilling!


When I found the Lord, he gave my life back to me. After being in the military for over four years, my brain seemed to have been changed and rewired based on the things I experienced. I suffered severe mental and emotional problems, and turned to drugs. This led to me losing my marriage, child, and ultimately, hope. In a moment of desperation I cried out to God. He freed me from my trauma, substance dependence, and restored my wife and child to me. I will spend the rest of my life giving back and remembering where he brought me from.

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