November 2017, What Does It MEAN?

November’s Trivia for FUN



In what year was Louisiana’s first convent established?

A ) 1699      B ) 1789      C ) 1803      D ) 1727

The New Orleans Ursuline Academy is the oldest Catholic school in the U.S. and America’s oldest continuously operating school for girls.

The current structure of the new orleans Ursuline Convent, which now serves as a museum, was completed in 1752, and is the oldest building in the Mississippi river valley.

Lead by  Sister Marie Tranchepain, 14 Ursuline nuns from France became the first religious sisters to step foot in Louisiana.

Answer: D ) 1727  The New Orleans Ursuline Convent is Louisiana’s oldest. It was founded in 1727 by the Order of St. Ursula, and it initially housed 14 religious sisters from Rouen, France. Led by Sister Marie Tranchepain, the nuns established Louisiana’s first school for girls, and 290 years later, Ursuline Academy remains operational and is still run by New Orleans’ Ursuline Nuns.

BIBLICAL Biography

Deborah                                                                             It’s easy to get hung up on our limitations. We often focus on what we lack, wishing we were more important or more capable than we feel. But when we least expect it, God reaches beyond our insecurity and reveals unseen potential. Chapters four and five of the Book of Judges give us an example of how God can use someone seemingly insignificant to do great and mighty things in His name.                                     Deborah was a godly woman, a prophet, and the only female judge named in the Old Testament. She led Israel during a time when the Promised Land was controlled by Canaanites. God told Deborah to send the Hebrew army into battle against the powerful military of the King of Canaan. She obeyed His command, and the Israelites, against all odds, defeated their oppressors.                                             Deborah’s story reminds us that the Lord can find purpose in our weakness, and He has called each of us to execute his perfect will here on Earth. He chose her to lead Israel during a time when women had little social influence, and He used her to reclaim the Promised Land for His people. If we listen carefully and obey His calling, God wants each of us, like Deborah, to help shape world history for the better.

What Does it Mean?

Sacrament                                                                A thing of mysterious and sacred significance; a religious symbol                                        Whether you call it communion, the Lord’s Supper, or the sacrament — when you symbolically take of Christ’s body and blood, you keep in mind the great sacrifice He made in order to set you free. Jesus’ death is sacred and is the foundation of our Christian faith. Each time we take the sacrament, we remember why we worship the Almighty. Because He gave His only begotten Son, we could have life everlasting.

Peace                                                            Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility Peace is something we all long for, and luckily, it’s also something God promises He’ll give us. Though life is often chaotic and circumstances wear you down, peace always awaits you in the arms of Jesus. So next time you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to call on the Holy Spirit and He will give you peace. All you have to do is ask for it.

Messiah                                                                 The promised deliverer of the Jewish nation; a leader or savior                                              Messiah is the ancient Hebrew word for “deliverer,” and the Greeks called the Messiah “Christ.” Scripture refers to Jesus as both Messiah and Christ, because God sent Him to fulfill His long-awaited promise to deliver mankind from sin and shame. Today, we are free from the burden of our mistakes because the Messiah (Jesus Christ) gave His life to make us holy.

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