Publisher Beth Townsend
December 2017, Publisher's Letter

Publisher’s LETTER

December Publisher’s LETTER

Christmas is in the Air!

The fireplace was blazing with a roaring fire, our family of seven huddled around. We were excited it was finally Christmas Eve! “We need to put the fire out,” I exclaimed loudly. Probably around 7 or 8 years old, I wondered why I was the only one worried. The smoke, the fire. It was almost bedtime and I needed to know Santa was safe to visit and would have no trouble coming down our chimney.

That Christmas was the last time I recall our family being together. My memories of life in that house are foggy. Often even when I see pictures, the rooms don’t look familiar. It’s like when we moved away, I left the memories behind. Shortly after that time our parents divorced and things became confusing and chaotic. Suddenly we were a single mom with five young kids.

Why this memory seems so vivid is telling. Regardless of everything else, we believed in Christmas. It was a magical time. Even the gifts under the tree multiplied each year. We didn’t have much money, but we knew Christmas always offered an opportunity to have unrealistic expectations for one amazing morning each and every year. There was truly something in the air that gave way to a bountiful hope and opportunity to dream big dreams.

It was years later when I realized that kind of Hope has a name. When Jesus came into my life, I was able to look back and see His omnipotent presence over all those lost years. Wow! Now that we siblings are grown and can look back, we clearly see Jesus. God’s hand was upon us when we didn’t even know it. Thank you Lord.

Christmas is in the air. It’s not the decorations. It’s not the music. It’s not Santa. While we can participate in the many sights and sounds of the season, it’s Jesus we feel. That hope. That joy. That undeniable wonder of the child within all of us.

There’s an amazing song by Steven Curtis Chapman that sums up the depth of what Christmas really means. “Believe the unbelievable, receive the inconceivable. And see beyond my wildest imagination. Lord, I come with great expectations.”

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Jesus. He is the savior of the world and enters as a baby in a manger. He longs to enter each and every heart that will invite him in. He loves like no other and receives us as we are and promises to make us who He created us to be.

Jesus. He is the gift we give and the gift we receive. Receive Him fully, share Him boldly.

Happy birthday Lord Jesus. Happy birthday.

Merry Christmas!


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