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A Happy Healthy New Year! From resolutions to revelations




From resolutions to revelations

It won’t be long before you’re ringing in the New Year and thinking about all those wonderful changes you’re going to make in your life. Unfortunately, those who actually make a list of New Year’s resolutions are pretty disappointed in themselves by the end of January! Turning wishes into reality usually means changing your behavior, and it’s just not easy. Habits are hard to break, especially if we’re trying to get healthy or be a better person. Here are some resolutions that can evolve into revelations – about your character and your commitment to treat your body as God’s “temple.”

Lose Weight

It’s an admirable goal, but don’t commit to losing 30 pounds. Set a smaller, more manageable goal … say 10 pounds. once you’ve reached that milestone, set a new goal. Start with small steps to keep yourself motivated.


Don’t imagine exercising every day, although that’s a great idea. if you start a fitness routine on Monday and skip Tuesday, you’re already discouraged! Plan to exercise 3 times a week, which gives you some flexibility and improves your chance of succeeding.

Pay It Forward

Do something nice for someone every day. it could be as simple as paying a compliment or holding the door open for a stranger. You could also perform an act of kindness by visiting an older relative or offering to babysit for a friend who needs some quiet time. once you start thinking about it, you’ll come up with dozens of ideas on your own.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to get a full night’s sleep every night. Turn off the Tv, put away your cell phone, and unplug the computer or iPad. A healthy sleep schedule increases your energy and improves your mood, your work habits, your relationships, and your outlook

Pray More Often

Maybe you’ve joined a Bible study that begins each session with a group prayer. or perhaps you like to sit alone after Mass and say the rosary. Prayer is personal and there are many ways to speak to god. Be sure to carve out a few minutes of every day to renew your relationship with Him.

Quit Smoking

Yes! You should kick the habit as soon as possible, but if you find yourself “quitting” on a regular basis, you probably need a little help. There are many smoking cessation programs offered by local hospitals, clinics and physician practices. Check into one and start breathing easier.

Stress Less

Get a handle on the things in your life that create stress. Chronic stress can lead to many health problems, including high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches and weight gain. Learn to say no if you’re overwhelmed by work and family responsibilities. Take time each day to relax or meditate. And talk to your doctor if stress becomes a real problem.

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