BRCLM Lagniappe, January 2018

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Lizzie Copeland, Team Captain

“I started working at Chick-fil-A on College Drive in May of 2015. I had just graduated from high school as a home-schooled student, and it was my very first ‘real’ job. From the beginning as a team member, I have had the opportunity to become a team trainer and eventually a team captain. During my time here, I have learned skills in the areas of customer service, food

safety,  leadership, and communication that will now follow me wherever I go. In addition to working, I have been able to pursue musical endeavors, travel, and be active in my church. I look forward to finishing my college studies online through Lumerit in 2018. My favorite thing about working at Chick-fil-A has definitely been finding ways to use my job to serve others and make people smile. The friendships and memories made with my team will last a lifetime!”

Monturios K. Howard, Assistant Manager

“November 11, 2011 … I shall always remember that day as a very important day in my life. I had been homeless for six months and was sleeping on friends’ couches and floors … anywhere to rest my head for the night. I was out of school because I could no longer afford it and I really had nothing to be proud of or call my own. I remember my first day at Chick-fil-A like no other. I told myself this

fast food thing was just not for me. Who would have guessed that six years later, the former bun toaster boy would be a manager and about to graduate college in May 2018? The growth I have experienced in life started to manifest itself the first day I stepped into the restaurant. Chick-fil-A has given me the confidence to be whom I choose to be, and has taught me life skills that have helped me tremendously. Talking to guests every day at the front counter, meeting new people on a daily basis, and helping my coworkers achieve their goals are all skills that have helped me take leadership roles on campus. From my role in student government or as the LSU NAACP chapter president, I have learned things from Chickfil-A that will last a lifetime.”

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