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Revelation of the Word

Revelation of the Word

by Sharon Holeman

The year was 1991 and I was a college student in San Antonio, Texas working to support myself and pay for school. I lived much like the other students I knew – weekly beer parties in between responsibilities.

But things were different now. I had been spiritually attacked, and I knew my only help would come from God. I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to read my Bible each night before bed. I started with the first chapter and read straight through. I didn’t understand much of it. The names were hard to pronounce and many of the countries were places that no longer existed. I wasn’t sure how it was helping, but I knew He was my only hope.

One evening after I had done my nightly reading, I felt like I should continue, so I did. I read a little more, but still was not feeling a connection or finding any relevance to my life. I struggled to read more, but my heart wasn’t in it. I decided I was done for the night. As I closed my Bible, I had a very distinctive, yet nonchalant thought: “Oh

well, if God wants me to keep reading He’ll tell me.” At the very millisecond that thought finished in my mind, BOOM! CLASH! Lightning struck and thunder boomed. It shook my entire room. A treasured item from my childhood, a wooden Jesus fish, fell out of my window and onto the floor. I flew off the bed and huddled in the corner of my room, as far away from the window as possible. I was shaking; afraid to move. God had just spoken to me. There was no denying it. This was not coincidence. There was nothing haphazard about the timing of the lightning bolt or the fact the only thing that moved in my room was the representation of Jesus.

I do not remember if it rained that night, but I am certain there were no other room shaking thunder claps or lightning strikes. And I know I desperately needed God during that time of my life. I needed to know He still loved me and that all hope was not lost. Lovingly, in that moment, God was there. His message to me was one I will keep with me all the days of my life: God is real. God is with us. God loves us and wants us to read the Word, His Word. 

“ You were shown these things so that you might know that the Lord is God; besides him there is no other .” – (Deuteronomy 4:35 NIV)

As time passed, I began to feel more secure, more normal again. I continued reading my Bible every night although I rarely prayed. I started to slip back into the ways of the world. The moment I had so clearly experienced with God was left to memory as I grew comfortable, complacent and caught up in life. Eventually I stopped reading all together.

I was silly and foolish just like the Israelites. I forgot. I got caught up in my world — my needs and my desires. I stopped seeking the Lord, stopped reading my Bible, and was unfaithful to Him. Fast forward to April 2006 when my life changed for good.

I re-committed my life to the Lord and I have never looked back. As a newly dedicated Christian, I was exposed to the Scriptures through teachings on Sundays, but in the spring of 2010, a sweet lady entered the store where my husband was working, and as their conversation turned to the Lord, she told him about a resource that has become invaluable in my daily walk with God’s Word.

It’s  called the Daily Audio Bible. It’s a digital app that goes through the One Year Bible, read by Brian Hardin, who lives in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Each morning he reads part of the Old Testament, part of the New Testament, some from Psalms and a portion of Proverbs. After the reading, he gives a short commentary and a prayer. This daily time within the Word has blessed my life so much! I have a greater understanding of the Word because I know more about the context.

2018 will be my seventh consecutive year of going through the Scriptures in a year with the Daily Audio Bible. I have found the sustenance I need is within his Word! I cherish my morning time in it and understand that His Word is alive! It speaks to me in the circumstances of my life. It gives me revelation in times of need, inspiration to believe in miracles, and the faith to walk out my days in collaboration with Christ.

“ Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. ” – (Romans 10:17 NLT)

There are other great resources available too, and I encourage you to fiercely search for the one that works for you. I promise there is no better way to start your day than in the Word of God and with prayer. It is worth the effort to find an extra 30 minutes of alone time each morning. Here’s to a year ahead filled with more of Him!

If you’re interested in the Daily Audio Bible, search your app store or go to Look for the red windmill logo.


Sharon Holeman is a writer and photographer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was the project creator, coordinator and co-author of the book Backyard Miracles – 12 American Women, 12 True stories, 1 Miraculous God. Previously published in Her
Glory and inspire Louisiana , she is now penning her first screenplay. Ministry Today
showcased one of her photographs on the cover and several others as article imagery. Sharon is a graduate of the University of Texas at san Antonio and The Art institute of Houston. she is currently attending Bethany College to further her pursuit of the Lord and His Word.

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