The Miracle Day That Changed My Life

The Miracle Day That Changed My Life

by Lorraine Besson

In 2016, Lorraine Besson suffered a rare reaction to cervical spinal surgery – and an extraordinary opportunity to experience God’s hand at work through the medical community. Now, she shares her story to inspire others to faith and gratitude to God. 

“I was rushed to the hospital, unable to breathe on my own,” Besson recalls. “I had gone into cardiac/pulmonary distress and had no airway.” Attempts to open an airway were unsuccessful because her throat was swollen from the surgery. Her family arrived at the hospital only to see her limp frame on a stretcher and a doctor performing CPR. “My daughter, Sheri, said she never wanted to see anything like that again. She just knew I was dead.”

An anesthesiologist succeeded in getting an airway for her by using a special scope, Besson said. “I was intubated, taken to surgery, placed in a drug induced coma for five days, in intensive care for 10 days, hospitalized for 24 days, and had 4 1/2 months of physical therapy.”

“I wanted to meet the people who helped save my life,” Besson said. That’s when she began to understand the miraculous encounters and timing that had taken place. She was told it was highly unusual to have an ER doctor in the ambulance, and that she was spared major brain damage or other physical effects that might have occurred. A tracheotomy could have been performed but was not. “I had a thyroid, arterial bleed with a hematoma completely covering my airway. If the doctor had [performed a tracheotomy], I would have bled out and died,” Besson said. “Oh, my Jesus!”

Besson said her third miracle was the ability to completely function despite dire warnings about her condition. “Praise You Jesus! I am not a vegetable! I am a child of God, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, an aunt and a friend,” Besson said.

“I asked myself, ‘What gift do you buy for the doctors who helped save your life?” I found special beautiful white-washed standing crosses. I bought the same cross for myself, so I could remember who helped save me: Jesus and all the doctors.” 

“There are some very important people in my life: God who gave me life, [husband] Bob, the love of my life, and all the wonderful people who helped saved my life,” Besson said. “Writing this account has been very emotional for me. It’s been 22 months since it happened, but it seems like it was only yesterday.”

“Jesus saved me so that I could help spread His Word of Salvation to the world. He also saved me so that I could continue to be a wife to Bob, a mother to Sheri and Brian, a mother-in-law to David and Rachel, and a grandmother to Tyler, Alex, Brent, Brian, Brice, Olivia, Elizabeth and Elena. God bless you.”

Lorraine Besson went out of her way to meet the people who saved her life after a difficult spinal surgery, including (left to right) paramedic Jeremy Landry, Dr. Alex Aitken, Dr. Lura Wight, and Dr. Martin Blake.

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