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March 2018, What Does It MEAN?

March 2018 – What Does It MEAN?


In what year did Lent become part of the Christian faith?

A ) 1035 A.D.      B ) 655 A.D.      C ) 953 A.D.     D ) 325 A.D

D) 325 A.D
The Catholic Church began the tradition of Lent around the year 325, during the Council of Nicea. Since then, other Christian denominations such as Lutheran, Methodist, and Western Orthodox churches have adopted the Lenten Season into their religious calendars. Bonus fact: Lent gets its name from the Middle English word lente, which means springtime.

BIBLICAL Biography


Elijah was one of the Old Testament’s greatest prophets, and according to 2 Kings 2:11, he was ultimately carried into heaven on a chariot of fire. He was also the vessel through which God anointed kings, raised the dead, and defended Israel against paganism. But despite having a powerful calling placed on his life, Elijah had trouble trusting the Lord.

Jezebel, who was Queen of Israel during the time of Elijah’s ministry, threatened to take his life after he struck down the prophets of Baal. Even though the Lord had used him to work great and mighty miracles, Elijah was afraid of being killed. So he fled to the wilderness and prayed for death. But God kept him alive and sent him on a 40-day journey to Mount Horeb. It was there, in a cave on the side of the mountain, that Elijah was forced to consider his fear. After a period of self-reflection, he came out of hiding and promptly anointed a new King of Israel.

It is inevitable that, like Elijah, each of us will encounter fear from time to time. The devil wants to overwhelm us with panic and he daily reminds us of our shortcomings. However, the Lord has sent His Holy Spirit to defend us against attacks from the enemy. If we hold fast to our faith in the midst of adversity, God will call us down from the mountain and send us forth in victory.

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What Does it Mean?

Serious thought or consideration.

As Christians, we usually call occasions of deep personal reflection our “quiet time.” During those periods, we dive into scripture, pray, and consider our walks with God. Self-reflection is an important part of building a strong relationship with Jesus because it broadens our spiritual perspectives and gives us a chance to privately examine our faith.

The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” A sound mind comes with serenity, and serenity comes through faith. Essentially, we are better equipped to face life’s trials with confidence when we press into God.parishioners. The crosses are bold reminders that “from dust thou came and to dust thou shalt return.”

The act of offering something precious to God.

Lent is a period of profound sacrifice for many Christians. Those who observe the Lenten season typically give up something they treasure and fill the void with supplication. That symbolic act of surrender mimics Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross, and it is meant to bring a person closer to the Holy Spirit.

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