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New Feature! Founders Forum!

New!! Founder’s Forum

Peters Wealth Advisors, LLC, was an early supporter of Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine. Founded by Bill Peters, the company is shaped by Christian principles and ethics, and its staff works tirelessly to help others build legacies that last.

“We have been able to bless so many people because of our success, and I attribute our success to our faith in God. We always saw our business as an opportunity to minister to others. This philosophy enables us to follow God’s prescription … if we honor Him, he will honor us if it’s according to his will.

We always knew that if we were responsible with our success, He would let us pay it forward so others would be helped and would know that Christ lived in our hearts. So we continue to share our success with deserving ministries — like single mothers, Christian schools, and of course, Christian Life Magazine.”

— Bill Peters
Founder, Peters Wealth Advisors, LLC

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