Healthy Life, May 2018

Fun in the Sun

Have a Sun-Safe Summer!

When the school bell rings for the last time this year, the kids will be headed outdoors — to the back yard, the local swimming pool, the baseball and soccer fields, or a family vacation at the beach. That means your family’s most important accessory for the next few months is sunscreen!

May is National Skin Cancer Prevention Month, so be sure you keep plenty of sunscreen with you and educate your kids on the importance of using it every time they venture outside. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the best sun protection factor (SPF) is 30 or higher for children. The higher the SPF, the higher the level of protection.

Sun Protection Tips: 

Here are some helpful tips to minimize the harsh effects of the sun:

Try to stay out of the midday sun (10 a.m.-2 p.m.).

While you’re outdoors, apply sunscreen every 2 hours.
Wear sunscreen even on cloudy, overcast days.
Wear sunglasses with UVB protection.

Wear a hat or visor to keep your head covered.

Skin cancer warning signs
Skin damage usually shows up in the form of moles, blemishes, or skin discolorations.

A normal mole is usually evenly colored and can be flat or raised. Some are present at birth, but most appear in childhood or young adulthood. Most of the time, they are harmless.

You should be concerned, however, if you notice that a mole or growth has changed color, size, texture or shape. Check your skin carefully once a month and if you do notice any changes, make an appointment to visit your dermatologist.

Early detection is key to treating and beating skin cancer.