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Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine has become “Life on Purpose TV!” Changing the world!

In January 2019, we went with a digital edition so that we best consider how to broaden our reach with the same goal of changing the world. We are excited to announce our new television series, Life on Purpose TV! Our first will be filmed in Louisiana. Lord willing we hope every state in the union!

Our show is aired on and their various platform; we are so excited to partner with Pureflix! Stay tuned for amazing stories of people living their ‘Life on Purpose!’

Once each episode is aired, many will wish to come alongside many of the featured ministries with a passion to help them change the world. We are teaming with a non-profit, Christ in the City, so that tax-deductible donation can be made to any ministry via this avenue of safe and protected giving. Our goal in working with Christ in the City is to take Christ into each city in our nation and across the world. If you have great story ideas, reach out to our host Beth Townsend. We want to hear from you!

What is God doing in your life? Join our efforts! We are changing the world, one story at a time! Could your story be next?

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