Publisher’s Letter November 2015


Happy Easter!

There is nothing quite like seeing the first buds on the trees and little green sprigs peeking up from the ground. It’s the hope of spring with new life abounding around every corner. Soon amazing color will fill yards, pollen will make us sneeze and warm weather will bring us outside. Oh, the joy of spring!

New life is an amazing thing. How so many things outside die each year and come back to life has always awed me. It’s like creation is in sync with the life of Christ. He died, it dies. He rose, life comes back. Everything resurrects. It’s an amazing confirmation of the miracle of life.

In our home, I decorate for every holiday. I’m like a crazy person, struggling to wait until it’s “appropriate” to open the boxes and dig for the right holiday. Here, Easter decorations go up on Ash Wednesday. Mardi gras is over and Easter is in official countdown. I can’t explain the drive to get it done so quickly, maybe because it’s fun and I love a reason to celebrate. Even though my kids are practically grown, they’d worry if I ever toned it down.

Deep down I’m sure there is some relation to the hope of new life in me. I don’t know about you, but I need renewal. The real kind that actually lasts. The bud of growth, that newness of attitude, that hope of a sunny disposition. For me, Easter has always been about a fresh start in my walk with Christ. Time to let go of old junk, let it die a permanent death and let the new emerge and burst forth with fresh life. Oh, Lord let it be!

This year, let’s let death die. For real. We are new people. We ARE new people in Christ. It’s up to us to grow our faith every day. Speaking words of life. Serving others. Forgiving past hurts. Receiving radical love from our Father. Trusting in His forgiveness of our sins. Listening for his voice, knowing He speaks.

Easter. So much to grasp. Step outside, breathe in life. Look around at the abundance of miraculous growth. It’s a season of renewal. May it be abundant inside and out.

Enjoy the stories we’ve shared. Each has experienced a transformation of their own. New life came in various ways for each. Imagine each journey and learn from their stories.

Then, get ready for April. Can you believe it will be our ONE-YEAR anniversary? Stay tuned! We are excited about sharing this wonderful celebration with you! Thank you for reading!

In the fullness of Life! Be NEW!

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