October 2015, Pastor's Perspective

Real Men

by Mark Stermer

IMG_1224-2Where are the real men in the world; men who are not afraid to be who God has created them to be? There is confusion about this right now; we are in a culture that seeks to feminize men. It’s no wonder we see some men confused about whether they are male or female. What’s worse is that our society is accepting of this deception. Even the new line of clothing for men are made from women’s style. Men are deterred from boyhood, from being rough and rugged. What’s interesting is that our society entertains itself with heroes in the movies who are raw and tough, who fight like a bear and roar like a lion. Our society would rather keep real men trapped in Hollywood where they can control them. A real man cannot be controlled by politicians, culture, or the demonic forces that plague our society.

Let me clarify who real men really are: we are not real men because we look rugged, stand to urinate, or produce life in the world. We are real men because we have found our purpose: to glorify God in this world with our lives. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to march into hell and rescue as many lost souls as we can by influencing them to give their lives to Christ. A real man is a man of war on a planet doomed to judgment. We have been given a rescue mission to accomplish. We are armed with weapons of war, and we don’t understand or accept retreat or defeat. We have no fear of death and no mercy on evil. We are tender and loving, but strong and free. Our wives respect us; our children revere us; our brothers will die for us; people in need or in danger will call for us; and our enemies fear us. We are a new breed of warriors standing for the truth of God’s Word. We are the redeemed of the Lord, washed by the blood, filled with the Spirit, and favored by God. We are the Real Men of the Church of the living God, and Christ Jesus is our King.

I, Pastor Mark Stermer, as a general in my King’s army, am calling for men to burn their women’s underwear and come join an army that is bent on conquering the world for Christ. Men, rise up and be the real man God has created you to be!

About Mark: Mark Stermer served as Leadership Pastor at Healing Place Church (HPC) in Baton Rouge, LA from 1997-2004. Mark has been serving as Executive Director of The Church United for Community Development, a 501c3 nonprofit organization since 1999. He also founded and was Director of the Louisiana Pastor’s Resource Council and worked tirelessly to network pastors and government officials to influence a positive change in Louisiana. Since August 2010 Mark and his wife, Cindy, have been serving as Senior Pastors of The Church, which has multiple campuses. Every Sunday The Church sermons are broadcast on national TV speaking God’s truth into many homes. They currently have 8 children and two grandchildren.