4 thoughts on “Victim or Victor”

  1. Damaged Emotions is a great class and I recommend anyone dealing with emotions to take Ms. Kelley’s class. The call revealed so much to me that I did not realize I needed to deal with. It allowed God to work out some stuff in my life I had never planned to go back to. I had damaged emotions buried deep down that I needed to deal with. The class helped me to understand why things happened in my life. It helped me understand guilt and depression and where it comes from and how to deal with what isn’t mine to carry. I now feel worthy of God’s love again. God set me free and I now forgive others and especially myself. The most valued lesson I learned from Damaged Emotions Class is how I can live my life more abundantly without having to carry unnecessary guilt!

  2. Kelly,

    I walked through this devastation with your family and again when I lost my best friend, Jill, your niece. You defintiely encourage me! I will not quit walking with the Lord either even through the pain!

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