December 2015, Family Life

Christian Footsteps

by Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis

“I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.” – John 12:46

Growing up, my grandmother would always say to me, “Baby, don’t roll stone, for stone,” and as a child you just tend to listen, do what you’re told and not ask any questions. It was later in my adult years that I really understood what she was saying to me. I’ve been placed in situations where I clearly wanted to lose my hat, but I heard a familiar voice saying, “Baby, don’t roll stone for stone.”

Have you ever been in situations where you were being persecuted? It may have been in a meeting at work, a disagreement with friends, or an argument with a spouse, and you have tried to keep God first but the other party seems to be full of the devil. As a Christian, your character will always be judged by the behavior you display. This means that when someone cuts you off in traffic, you should still say, “God bless you,” without any additional sign language. If the school calls because your kids are acting a fool, pray over them first, and if you and your spouse are in a disagreement, get the holy oil and anoint their forehead.

The saying means that, no matter what it looks or feels like, you must take the high road and allow God to work a miracle over the situation with people, places and things. It is our Christian mission to lead the way for someone else. You never know whom you are leading with your actions. So as you’re reading this today, be mindful of your Christian footsteps because people are watching and following. We are all shining lights; just make sure that your light is illuminating the love of Jesus Christ.