January 2016

Miracle Moment: Renew Your Mind with the Word of God This Year

by Kerney Thomas

IMG_3455-2Do you remember the famous line, “Do you believe in miracles?” uttered by hall-of-fame sportscaster Al Michaels when the USA Olympic Hockey team beat the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics? Well, it wasn’t actually a real “miracle,” it was just a major upset. But, there are real miracles that happen every day performed by God through His people.

Miracles are not supposed to happen. Miracles aren’t scientifically provable. Yet God regularly causes the impossible to happen. Man alone can’t perform a miracle because each real miracle is a miracle of God.

The question remains, do you believe in miracles? Many of us today don’t because they weren’t taught that God is still in the miracle business. Yet every day miracles do happen. Changing those thought patterns about the existence of miracles is as simple as renewing your mind. You have to change your way of thinking; that is what faith is all about.

You can change your way of thinking but that is done by reading the Word. Faith comes by hearing; hearing comes by the word of God. You have to read and hear with an open mind. God is able to do what he said he would do. Faith is simply taking God at His word. Sometimes we must discern if we believe in God, or, indeed if we believe God Himself. There is a difference!

To believe God takes a new perspective. I have to believe that he is going to do what he says he is going to do. When I get sick, I have to believe that, ‘by his strips ye were healed,’ and take it to be true. Faith should be like a sixth sense. I don’t have to think about smelling, I just smell. I don’t have to think about seeing, I just see.

It’s almost impossible to believe God, while at the same time grumbling and complaining about all that is wrong. Your faith and words should match. One of the most important things God has given us is our tongue. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

I can tell what I believe by what I am saying. For me to say that I am sick is for me to say that I don’t believe God is my healer. How can I say that I’m broke when God has supplied all my needs? That is a bad testimony against my God. I have more than enough.

Abundance of life, abundance of health, abundance of thankfulness that is how I live life. Perhaps renewing our mind with the Word of God can help our faith to grow into that sixth sense. That is a great New Year’s Revelation!