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Missionaries Share Cambodian Experience

Photos provided by Jennifer and Donald Hartung

In our January 2016 edition, we shared the story of two young missionaries who chose to begin their future together on the mission field… “Jennifer and Donald Hartung were still newlyweds when they packed their belongings, left their Baton Rouge families, and headed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in December 2014. They were on their way to work as missionaries through their church, River Ministries international, based in Addis, La. Preaching the gospel was a shared dream, but one that started with separate callings.” since that story was published, we wanted to update our readers. Recently, Jennifer and Donald came home to Addis to update their supporters, visit with family and continue to raise awareness of the needs and accomplishments of their work in Cambodia.

From Jennifer: “since our last visit in 2015, a lot has changed. • The village churches are now pastored by a local Khmer pastor. • We moved to a new city. • We have been part of the birth of an international church.
God is doing such great things. We’ve seen missionaries grow to a place in their relationship with God they never knew possible, locals come to know the living God who hears their prayers,

and business people find a deeper purpose in their work through this church. We’ve put a priority on personal evangelism and discipleship. everything we do is for the end goal of new souls heading towards the Kingdom and helping those precious brothers and sisters along that path. This past year, we’ve taught 2 semesters of english to the local community 18 years and older. These classes have turned into a small church body in and of themselves. shy students who started out unwilling to participate are now

boldly sharing the gospel to new students. it’s really amazing. Through these classes we’ve seen the need for a teen ministry. so, when we get back in June, that will be one of the first things we get started on. Revival is coming to Cambodia and we are so excited to be a part of it. if you’re ever in southeast Asia, we’d love for you to visit The River siem Reap. you can find us on Facebook or email us personally at”

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