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A Review of Denying My Mother’s Eyes True Life Louisiana


A Review of

Denying My Mother’s Eyes

True Life Louisiana

Written by Marius Domingue                      Reviewed by Kelli M. Knight

If you don’t know Marius Domingue, it would definitely be worth your while to become familiar with him. Marius grew up in Erwinville, La. living in poverty with his parents and brother. His Spanish/Dominican Republic heritage gave him a dark skin tone which in turn gave license for his family and him be discriminated against, and to be treated just as horrifically as African Americans were. His father was a sharecropper and barely made ends meet. More often than not, they went hungry. Though they had a roof over their heads, there was no running water. Rain was captured in tanks that were usually contaminated with bugs and rodent feces. This was the setting for Marius’ early life.

Through trials, triumph, and heartache, we get a vivid picture of a boy who grew into adulthood to be an impartial witness to life and to love his hometown, despite the prejudice he experienced. Domingue became a successful contractor and then went on to serve as a Sheriff’s Deputy and protect the area that gave him such a hard time. You will not be disappointed to take a glimpse into the life of Marius Domingue. I encourage youth, especially, to read about a man who accurately recounts history without bias.

Marius still enjoys being involved in law enforcement but looks forward to retiring and spending more time with his family. He will continue to research, read, and spread awareness of unwritten histories. In his spare time, he writes music and hopes to continue improving his skills on the guitar. His book can be purchased at


Kelli is the owner of illuminated Designs Studio, specializing in graphic design services. She received her Liberal arts degree from LSU and has lived in Baton Rouge for the majority of her life. Kelli loves great stories, so reading and writing have always been passions of hers. over the course of her career she has written for several publications throughout Southeast Lousiana. Find her on facebook:

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