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The Cajun Army Soldiers on…to Texas Volunteers Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey


The Cajun Army Soldiers On … to Texas

Volunteers Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Just over a year ago, Christian Life Magazine interviewed Chris King of the Cajun Army, which helped thousands rebuild after Baton Rouge’s devastating flood of 2016. At that time, King, along with brothers Nick and Josh Loupe, had founded the group after volunteering on rescue missions with the Cajun Navy.

In early September, King found himself traveling to Texas with his army of volunteers, this time to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, which caused catastrophic flooding along the Texas coast. It was a painful reminder of Nature’s destructive powers, but also of the amazing goodness in many people’s hearts.

The Cajun Army has established three bases of operation in Texas, including Port Arthur, Pasadena and Magnolia, where volunteers collect and distribute supplies, cook meals and assist local communities with relief efforts. The Cajun Army has committed to a three-to-six month plan, and will collaborate with other groups in the coming weeks.

“I don’t want to take credit for the work we’re doing,” King said. “The credit goes to God. Our people are working around the clock, and I’m just thankful to have a front-row seat and be able to watch what God is accomplishing through us. People ask why we do this and all I can say is that personally, I get great joy in doing what Jesus Christ asked us to do … to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

King encourages others to consider how they can contribute as well. “There are people who have lost everything, who are crushed beyond comprehension,” he said. “Everyone here in Louisiana needs to ask themselves, ‘what am I doing to help?’ The local and national media will eventually move on to other things, but people will still need our help. We can bring hope to them. Believe me, when you help change people’s lives, it’s worth your time and effort.”

To get involved, go to or visit The Cajun Army on facebook.

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