October 2017, What Does It MEAN?

Trivia for FUN



In the Book of genesis, how old was sarah when she gave birth to Isaac?

A ) 83      B ) 75      C ) 90      D ) 127

Answer: C ) 90

Genesis 17:17 says Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth to her only son, Isaac. His name means “laughter,” because Sarah laughed when the angel of God prophesied that she would bear a child in her old age. According to the Bible, Sarah lived to be 127.

What Does it Mean?

Hallelujah                                                Used to express praise, joy or thanks  The Hebrew verb, hallel, means to praise. “Jah” or “Yah” is a transliteration of the covenant name of God, YHWH, often pronounced “Jehovah.” So why is it part of our modern vocabulary? Because there is no other word in the English language capable of conveying the level of praise, joy or thanks worthy of our Heavenly Father.

Worship                                                Extravagant respect, admiration or devotion                                                 We respect our fellow man, admire other people’s achievements, and devote ourselves to our families. But in the entire universe, there is only one thing we worship — God. Worship is an act of total surrender and amazement, outwardly acknowledging the Lord’s graciousness, power and wisdom.

Sanctuary                                                 A place of refuge                                     No matter what we call it — a church, tabernacle, temple, etc. — the building in which we gather to praise God is a sanctuary. Historically, people escaped physical persecution by taking refuge in places of worship. Today, we get the chance to unburden ourselves of our personal struggles by entering into the house of the Lord.

BIBLICAL Biography

DAVID                                                                            Everybody makes mistakes. We all lose faith from time to time, step into pitfalls, and wind up feeling lost. But God knows our hearts and always manages to use our shortcomings for His glory. A great biblical example of the Lord’s goodness can be found in the story of King David. David was the second anointed King of ancient Israel and a very godly man. He worshipped the Lord with all his heart and governed his people with righteousness. But even though he was a king, David was not without sin. He lusted after someone else’s wife, committed adultery with her, and had his lover’s husband killed. Despite this, God used David’s transgressions to bless Israel. Solomon, one of the world’s greatest rulers and the wisest man to ever live, was born out of David’s wrongdoing. God is never surprised when we stumble. He knows all things before they happen, and He is ready to use even our greatest mistakes for His good. So instead of falling into condemnation and bitterness when we sin, we should yield to conviction, turn to Jesus, and allow God to shape our missteps into victories

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