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Publisher’s Letter, Christian Media Gains Momentum, Part 1

Beth enjoyed learning about Christian Media from one of the industries biggest stars, T. C. Stallings.
Beth was inspired by the amazing story of Michelle Duffie of D3 Entertainment, stay tuned for more next month.
Dr. Cameron Lewis has been such an amazing influence in helping us to learn more about the ‘behind the scenes’ in ‘A Question of Faith’ and other faith-based films.
Dove Award Winner Amber Thompson Nelon shared with Beth about her breakout role as an actress in her first movie, “A Question of Faith.’

Christian Media Gains Momentum: Part One

It’s easy to get discouraged as a Christian. Often secular news stories cause us to cringe with messages that God is out of style and that the Bible is out of date. Christianity on the surface appears to be dying a slow death.

Not so fast!

In our next couple of editions, we are going to share some encouraging news about measurable trends in Christian media! God is calling all kinds of people from various backgrounds to utilize multi-media platforms that point others to Christ and bring God glory. We are thankful to have some of those amazing Believers share with us so that we can share with you.

We are encouraged to see so many people stepping into positions that God is using mightily to reach the nations with movies, televisions shows and other forms of media. We love this especially because, in publishing our magazine each month, we have always felt that the best way to change the world is one story at a time.

I still recall being wowed by the movie “Facing the Giants” in 2006. It is a great movie that still moves me today with such imperfect people following a perfect God who proves Himself very much alive and active in the lives of his children. Since then, we have seen many faith-based movies become very successful in the box office and in DVD Sales. One thing always rings true: there is just nothing like a great story that is based in truth and reality, and communicates a sound message of Faith.

Another great story that can change the world just may be your testimony. When is the last time you shared how God had intervened in your life or answered a prayer? As a testimony-driven magazine, we’ve seen how the power of personal stories brings real hope to others each month.

Yet, even the boldest Christians tend to shy away from sharing their stories. “I’m waiting for the right time…I’m going to write it down…I need to practice…I don’t know what part to share and when…I’m afraid of what others will think.”

Good news! We are sponsoring a testimony workshop in October. If you’d like to learn to share your story effectively, we suggest attending. My husband Fred and I attended a class in Dallas, and we were very moved by the quality of the teaching. We were inspired to be more intentional about preparing and sharing our testimonies on a regular basis. Check out pages 20 and 21 for more information.

We are going to share more about Media in our next edition. Our goal is to remind others that if we are going to craft a message to share with others, we must do so with excellence and take proper time to make it great. Therefore, we will share the experience of accomplished experts so that Believers learn the most effective ways to share content that is encouraging and inspiring.

Changing the world, one story at a time. Join us! Share yours, too.

Beth enjoys a prescreening of “War Room’ at Istrouma Baptist Church with Hilton Glass of Movies Ministries Outreach and Pastor Mark Lubbock of Gulf South Men.
Director Kevan Otto shared about the rise in Faith-based films.
Amber Thompson Nelon, Publisher Beth Townsend, and Videographer Rachel Boster enjoyed visiting with with so many media experts at the weekend event benefitting Mississippi Centers for Autism in July.